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Saturday, March 27, 2010
Gaza & The Earth Hour

One of the most honest tweets I've ever read on my Twitter Account was a tweet from Saudi blogger say in Arabic :

Actually this is a sad truth, Gaza people suffers from a horrible blockade that prevent them from the Basic necessities of life

They Hardly have their own food and water, Most of time they have no electricity or power.
These are some random pictures
So please rethink how would you feel if the Earth Hour lasted for more than 1000 Days
And rethink how will you feel if you were Palestinian in Gaza
Gaza's 1000 Earth Days

Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza

Mahmoud Alzahhar .. The Palestinian Foreign Minister

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
MB Women Day
This week, The world celebrated Women Day, It's horrible to know that there are places in the world that women there are prevented from driving cars!
In Saudi Arabia, Women are banned from driving cars, they have very few political rights (or they don't have rights at all), and the problem is in justifying all these discriminations in the name of Islam.
I believe in Islam as a religion which hallows Justice and equality, So I can't understand why those people who consider themselves as a spokesman of Allah(!!) deny the real pure spirit of Islam.
Mohammed PBUH said a very expressive quote about women and men: "Women are the twin halves of men". This quote -in my opinion- is a very clear evidence of gender equality in Islam.
I can say clearly that there are no difference between Women and Men in Islam, and I can argue about womens' rights in Islam.
Hassan Albanna the founder of Muslim Brotherhood realized the role of women in Muslim Brotherhood organization in the group's early years, he founded Muslim sisterhood as a part of Muslim Brotherhood, and he set Zeinab Alghazali as a chief of Muslim Sisterhood.
Muslim Brotherhood took a good care of women role in their group, and you can read a detailed research about Muslim Brotherhood women from Carnegie here, What I want to focus on is the vision of Muslim Brotherhood towards women and the criticism of their attitudes.
It's clear that Islam do give women the same rights of men, but some Islamic ideologies believe that there are main differences between women and men, this ideology is mainly adopted by Salafis and wahabiis.
Muslim Brotherhood through their history supported - ideologically and practically- women roles within their organization, but women can't have their complete rights within the brotherhood because of three main points:
1- Depression of the Egyptian regime:
Muslim Brotherhood are the main target of the regime's depression and crackdowns. So it's difficult for Muslim Brotherhood to set (sisters) in a leading positions in the group, as an Easterners, MB won't accept to make their women facing jail or military tribunals for instance!
2- Growth of Radical thoughts within MB
Gulf's salafi wind has came to Egypt in 70s and 80s, Muslim Brotherhood was one of the first groups which was influenced much by these radical ideology, the main stream of Muslim Brotherhood community was moderate, but some of MB leaders was affected by this ideology.
Then MB took some radical attitudes towards women, These ideas was clear in the party platform of the Muslim Brotherhood which prevented women and Christians from being president.
3- Egyptian traditions:
Muslim Brotherhood is a vertical slice of the Egyptian community, so MB has the same problems of the Egyptian people, most of the Egyptian men can't accept being led by a woman, There is a massive objection in Egypt these days for women to be a judge. The refusing didn't come from the Muslim Brotherhood.
These obstacles may be the main reasons of women exclusion within the MB, in the Carnegie's paper, Omayma Abdel-Latif considered "Lack of Experienced Women Cadres" as another main reason, personally I don't agree with her in this, because Muslim Brotherhood succeeded in building a very strong sisterhood which helped them a lot in the last legislative elections.
Muslim Brotherhood had their only woman candidate in the 2005 elections. Makarem Aldeery was about to win the elections despite of the clear forgery.
In the last regime crackdown, state security Claims To Have Uncovered Secret 'Muslim Sisterhood'. In my opinion, this means that the regime is sending a message to the brotherhood not to think much of nominating women in the next elections late this year.
Despite of this frustrating situation of women in Egypt and in the Muslim Brotherhood, we can't neglect a real part of the women in the brotherhood, this part appeared with the blogsphere rise in Egypt, in early 2006 and beyond. Names of Arwa Al taweel, Asmaa Anwar, Sondos Asem, Shaza Essam, Asmaa Alerian, Shorouk Alshawwaf, Aya Al feqy, Zahraa Bassam and Asmaa Yasser , These are names of some MB females who started blogging and confronting the world with their identity as a Muslim Brotherhood girls.
It's clear now that the Muslim Brotherhood young ladies are ready enough to tell the world who they are, despite of the famous statement from the former executive bureau member sheikh Mohammed Abdallah Alkhatib who said: "we are afraid of -and for- women".

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My Name Is : AbdElRaHmaN Ayyash
I'm From : cairo, Egypt
And : I am just a guy, that wanna see his home "Egypt" in a great position in the civilized world , wanna talk to the other views' believers to hear from them and to make them listen to me , I'll try to show good model of a young Egyptian Muslim guy , who is believing in Islam as the only solution to all problems we face...... أنا مجرد شاب ، عاوز اشوف بلدي مصر ، في أحسن مكان وسط العالم المتحضر ، عاوز اتكلم مع أصحاب الرؤى المختلفة ، و عاوز اسمع منهم ، و عاوز اعمل من نفسي مثال كويس لشاب مصري ، مؤمن ان الاسلام هو الحل لكل مشاكلنا .