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Friday, February 19, 2010
Radical ideology?
My friend Joey Mayton wrote a piece in the Guardian's CIF. He talked about MB's new leadership and Dr. Mohammed Badie .
You can read the article Here
Almasry Alyoum daily news paper in Egypt reported a small translation for Joseph's article. and they translated my statement from Joey's article.

"" Abdelrahman Ayyash, one of the leading MB bloggers, told me he fears a return to the politics of Sayyid Qutb. Badie has been linked to this radical ideology.""
The Translation in Almasry Alyoum uses definition of "Extremism" to express the meaning of "Radical" !!!

I want to clear some points:
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt took a strict attitude from violence, MB refuses all kind of violence, they believe in peaceful ways in political change, and of course Dr.Badie is one of those who express the real nature of Muslim Brotherhood.
To be Clear, I'm not fearing a violent Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood won't accept violence, and won't accept the violence ideologies, what I'm afraid of in the brotherhood is that the new leadership may take some "introvert" attitudes, but the recent statements and articles from Muslim Brotherhood leadership is denying my thoughts.
I don't think that Muslim Brotherhood will go away from politics and political reform, but I'm sure that MB will be more closed to face the aggressive suppression from the Egyptian regime. So The problem here is not the MB's. The problem is in the regime's position which close all doors for brotherhood to be more opened and public.
Muslim Brotherhood is the weakest player in the game, and all of us is saying more and more that MB should reform themselves!! We must look at the Egyptian regime and start blaming him for the real political problem in Egypt.

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