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Saturday, December 26, 2009
The timeline of Qutbism Era starting!

Let’s start from the beginning: Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Council rejected Essam Elerian to Join in the council, after death of Mohammed Hilal, Because of what has been named: “violation of internal rules”. MB Chairman Mr. Akef stepped down as a response for banning him from practicing his authorities.

Mr. Akef told Almasry Alyoum that there was a secret in the executive office and he don't know what it was, but he will try to reveal the truth.

Muslim Brotherhood executive bureau called for a questionnaire for Shura Council to determine when to hold the bureau’s elections. The result was “postponing the elections”!

It was clear that this result wasn’t to the fondness of certain members in the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Council, And then, they called for a new questionnaire to ask the Shura Council again the same questions in a different way: When do you want to hold the elections? A. Right now! B. After Six Months! C. After one year from now!

The result was the opposite of the previous one, 37 members of Shura Council agreed to hold the elections “right now”!, 32 members chose to hold the elections after six months, And 16 members said to hold the elections after one year!

Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, the secretary general in the Brotherhood, contributed in Aljazeera’s show: “without frontiers” with the journalist Ahmed Mansour. He announced there that the elections would be held that week.

After 48 hours from Mansour’s show, Dr. Mohammed Habib, the deputy chairman of Muslim Brotherhood announced serious news! He wasn’t aware of the elections decision!

Dr. Habib strongly criticized Dr. Ezzat, and he said that the elections would be “violation of internal rules”. He said that he led the executive office for the last period, and he didn’t know anything about the elections date. This clearly means that Dr. Ezzat controlled the MB without Habib’s knowledge.

Saturday night, we suddenly knew that the elections were already held, and the results would be announced very soon.

After that, we knew that there are new faces in the executive office, and there were some “surprises”!, the official website for the MB announced the names of MB new executive office.

All the names are the names of the old office, except: Abdelmonem Abulfotoh, Mohammed Habib, and three other persons, including Lashin Abushanab, the member who exceeded 80 years old.

Abulfotoh is the only member in the Guidance Council that is considered as “reformist”, with excluding him from the new form of the bureau, we can say: The Conservatives won!

Dr. Ibrahim Alza’farany – the member of shura council- told Eman Abdelmonem from IslamOnline about all the errors occurred in the elections, he told her that this election is invalid and what it’s based is false.

But I don’t want to write to criticize the election’s results, I just want to write down my testimony that I –as a Muslim Brotherhood Member- am refusing the elections, I’m refusing the way of holding the elections, the results of the elections and the new executive office members!

I’m refusing all these points because I want to be honest on Hassan Albanna’s heritage, I can’t accept Sayed Qutb’s ideology in Muslim Brotherhood, and it’s clear that the new office will adopt the Qutbic Ideology, most of the office members were arrested with Sayyed Qutb in 1965.

In my opinion, Mohammed Badi’, the first candidate to be the 8th supreme guide in the brotherhood, will clearly reflects the new ideology of the executive bureau in the coming phase.

Abulfotoh is the one who can solve his part of the equation of the crisis, he should take a strict attitude towards these violations, he should move and he will find many youth of MB following him in his way to reform the brotherhood from inside.


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