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Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Mr. Akef, please step down
New reports were published on the Masryoon electronic newspaper saying that Mohammed Mahdi Akef, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide will delay his decision to step down from his position for one-year. Mr. Akef is one of the most influential Supreme Guides in the history of the MB and his decision to resign after one session in the highest ranking position within the Muslim Brotherhood is a very brave decision.

So, the postponement of this decision will support allegations of the inability of the Muslim Brotherhood to improve conditions in Egypt; in case their coming to power, since the Brotherhood can’t change within its own organization, how could it bring the change in Egypt?

This article is not the suitable place to mention the modifications which occurred in the Brotherhood since Akef’s first term, starting in 2004, but it’s a must to say that everyone either in the Muslim brotherhood or outside them, noticed the main developments in the performance of the group within the last 4 years.

The Muslim Brotherhood in this period had their great victory in the legislative elections in 2005; they made their own initiatives for reform in Egypt, in March 2004; they also published their first version of their party platform; they had dealt with the self criticism and bloggers in a very good manner and Mr. Akef himself responded to bloggers more than once.

So, there is no doubt that the MB had great developments in the last years within Akef’s term.

But, we are here to talk about the meaning behind Akef’s resignation:

First: Akef will be the first Supreme Guide who resigns before the end of his term; this decision will open doors for real change in the hierarchical system of Muslim Brotherhood.

Second: Akef’s resignation is a message to local public opinion that Muslim Brotherhood leaders have no intentions to remain in the throne forever.

Third: Akef’s decision will be a message of reassurance to the international forces that the MB has their own model of leadership and believe in devolution of power.

Fourth: The resignation will support the credibility of the MB before the opposition groups and parties in Egypt, so it may be a new step towards an effective opposition alliance In Egypt.

But what about the succession of Akef? Who will succeed in leadership of the biggest Islamist group in the world? The expectations are toward Dr. Mohammed Badei, an Executive Bureau member and Mohammed Habib, the first deputy chairman in the Muslim brotherhood.

For me, I’m nearly sure that the next period will be very difficult for the reformists inside the Brotherhood; the next Supreme Guide will not have the same openness of Mr. Akef, and the single crisis of Essam el-Erian will extend to be many crises for reformists in the group.

I’m nearly sure of that, according to some statements and especially a statement from Sheikh Mohammed Abdallah Alkhatib, another Executive Bureau member, who told Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper the MB will refer those who called for modifying the internal rules procedures to internal investigations in preparation for stopping them working in the MB.

Despite these frightening comments, I’m calling on Mr. Akef to step down, because the benefits of his resignation will be, for certain, more than its drawbacks.

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