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Monday, October 26, 2009
An open letter to my Turkish friends

I read what Mr. Efraim Inbar wrote in The Turkish Hurriyet Daily News titled: “An Open Letter to My Turkish Friends.” Mr. Inbar is professor of political studies at Bar-Ilan University and the director of the Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies. Mr. Inbar wrote his message to his Turkish friends to warn them from the AK party’s plans to Islamize Turkey!

Mr. Inbar accused the AK party of having relations with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, defending Hamas and sympathizing with Iran by hosting Ahmedinejad in 2008.

For me, it’s clear that Mr. Inbar has some concerns over Turkey’s stance in support of “justice” and its absolute value. Turkey supported the just Palestinian case, Iraqi liberty and cases around the world related to justice and human rights.

Supporting justice by the Turkish government that has embraced Israel more than once, especially after the repeated violations of human rights, which clearly emerged during the war in Gaza, and is confirmed by Goldstone’s Report that Turkey strongly supported discussing before the UN, should not be demonized.

It’s also clear that Mr. Efraim is afraid of Turkey’s accession to the European Union, especially during the AK party’s rule. In that, the accession of Turkey – led by its respected government – to the EU will pose a threat to the credibility of the State of Israel’s occupation. He criticizes Turkey, especially because of Turkish support to establish a Palestinian state, and the integration of Hamas into the political process, and to remove the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip since June 2007, and above all, to hold Israel accountable for war crimes.

The letter by Mr. Inbar affects Turkey’s internal affairs, but I want to say that the achievements of the AKP in Turkey has proven their worth and they deserve to continue in power in the country, at least into the next decade, until Turkey’s accession as a member of European Union. On talking about Iran, Mr. Inbar wants Turkey to abandon its neutral stance and as a perpetrator as a critical intermediary between Iran and Western countries. Maybe this is because this would support the Israeli point of view to start the war on Iran?

On the other hand, Mr. Efraim trivialized the case of Ergenekon, (As he said: “it seems to play a role in intimidation of political opponents too”) and this is reflecting a frightening reality that many of the external parties would benefit from the fall of the Justice and Development party (AKP), and would welcome their fall, even by non-democratic methods or by a military coup, as in the Ergenekon case.

The AKP, which has allowed more freedom and democracy in Turkish society, opened the door to real freedom of expression (by the testimony of the latest report of the European Union), reduced the Turkish debt to a minimum, and established many of the reforms in the infrastructure of Turkey, which has given Turkey back its regional and international position as an active player in Middle East politics, and not only as a bridge between East and West.

And because I also know many friends in Turkey, including journalists, academics, economists, and even students, my message to them is that I’m sure that it is in the interest of the Turkish people to keep the AK party in power in the coming period, which undoubtedly will be – as expressed by Mr. Inbar – “a historic crossroads,” not only to the Turkish nation, but the entire world.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009
Rethinking Moderate Islam
Three months ago, I was coming back to Egypt from Turkey after a 10-day trip. My friend, Magdy Saad, and I were held in the airport for two days, and then I was transferred to the state security office in Mansoura, where I am from. After a week of detention and daily investigations, I was released, without them even blaming me for anything.

Shortly after, Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau and the Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union, was arrested with fake charges that have no judicial foundation. Aboul Fotouh is one of the few men who could clarify the ideology of refusing takfeer (claiming someone an apostate) and violence within the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1970s and 1980s.

Aboul Fotouh was the leader of the “reform trend” within the Muslim Brotherhood. He has reformist ideas related to women’s role in society, he supports women and Copts to be president and he is also one of the most acceptable faces in the MB in terms of youth and all colors of the political spectrum in Egypt.

Three days after Aboul Fotouh’s detention, state security arrested Dr. Ashraf Abdel Ghafar, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Egyptian Medical Association, at Cairo International Airport on his way to Turkey. Since then, he has been arbitrarily detained, tortured and has been unable to receive his necessary medical treatment, according to al-Karama Human Rights Center.

Okay, these incidents are all in a series of violations that were committed against moderate Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt. These arbitrary detentions are all evidence that the Egyptian regime won’t walk a step in the direction of democracy and respecting freedom of speech and human rights in the country.

I think we should talk to the Egyptian government and ask for reforms, because any reforms made by the Muslim Brotherhood will be a waste of time in such an autocratic regime. We all are asking the MB to make reforms and compromises, without considering the circumstances surrounding the Brotherhood itself.

The point here is that the Egyptian government does not allow moderate Islamist groups to work in a free and democratic atmosphere. This has opened the door for Wahhabis and Salafis (ultra-conservative Islamic sects) to fill the gap. We have now more radicals who don’t believe in women’s roles in society. We are meeting everyday more and more people who are refusing democracy and modern law. They are saying this due to their erring views of Islam.

Closing doors in the face of the Brotherhood in Egypt by banning them from using legal means to talk to the Egyptian people will open the same doors that enable people to receive wrong values from the Salafis and Wahhabis.

The Brotherhood got rid of the Qutbic (Sayyid Qutb-led ideology) ideas of takfeer by spreading ideas of the late Supreme Guide Hassan al-Houdaiby, who wrote the famous book “Preachers not Judges.” So, the only way in fighting the misconceptions of Islam is to open the door for moderates.

I believe that one of the most successful ways to get rid of extremism and violence in the modern Islamic culture is to allow the MB, as the largest moderate Islamist group, to spread their ideas freely in a democratic way. If this does not happen, we all will suffer from terrorism and extremism in Egypt and the entire world.

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My Name Is : AbdElRaHmaN Ayyash
I'm From : cairo, Egypt
And : I am just a guy, that wanna see his home "Egypt" in a great position in the civilized world , wanna talk to the other views' believers to hear from them and to make them listen to me , I'll try to show good model of a young Egyptian Muslim guy , who is believing in Islam as the only solution to all problems we face...... أنا مجرد شاب ، عاوز اشوف بلدي مصر ، في أحسن مكان وسط العالم المتحضر ، عاوز اتكلم مع أصحاب الرؤى المختلفة ، و عاوز اسمع منهم ، و عاوز اعمل من نفسي مثال كويس لشاب مصري ، مؤمن ان الاسلام هو الحل لكل مشاكلنا .