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Tuesday, December 9, 2008
MB Bloggers Could Be Washington's New Hope & My comment !
This is the Essay , My comment is below !

By JOSEPH MAYTON (Middle East Times)
Published: December 09, 2008

 Washington has long looked for moderate Islamists in the Middle East. And while Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is often thrown into the same "extremists" basket as Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, a growing trend within the Brotherhood's younger generation could hold the key to winning Muslim hearts and minds - at least that's what the young reformers hope.
Abdel Rahman Ayyash, 18, is one of them. He, along with a number of other Brotherhood reformers, has recently called for major changes within one of Egypt's oldest and most powerful opposition groups. Ayyash is quick to point out that America is "not the enemy," despite the frustration Arabs have been feeling for many years.

"I love American movies and my favorite actors are Charlise Theron and Brad Pitt," says Ayyash, who has established himself as one of the prominent young bloggers in the North African nation.

These reformer-bloggers – most of whom are under 30 – are calling for dramatic changes in Brotherhood policies, including removing the movement's slogan "Islam is the solution" from use, as it "creates divisions within Egyptian society."

Washington views Islamic organizations in the Middle East with great caution, but this generation of Islamist-bloggers could give the new incoming U.S. administration of Barack Obama flexibility in beginning a dialogue that could lead to real change.

Mustafa Naggar, another outspoken blogger, says that Washington has nothing to fear from the Brotherhood.

"We want democracy and freedom, just like anyone else, so America doesn't need to fear us. We are not violent and do not want to force our religion on people," he says.

Khalil al-Anani, an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood movement, says that while Ayyash, Naggar and many like-thinking young men within the movement are not among the majority, their presence is an opportunity for the new U.S. administration to try and reconcile with the moderate elements within the traditionally conservative Islamic organization.

Any breakthrough would bode well for any U.S. efforts made to reconcile with similar traditionally conservative Islamic organizations, Anani argues, and ultimately heal the perceived injuries felt by both the United States and the Islamic world.

But Anani sees an uphill struggle for the reformers.

"The problem is that despite how outspoken they are, we cannot assume all young people within the Brotherhood are reformers like this," Anani says. "For the dozens of young bloggers calling for changes in the Brotherhood, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of others who remain stalwart in their conservatism."

But, the bloggers say, they are gaining steam and winning over the hearts and minds of Egyptians who formerly viewed the Brotherhood with much skepticism.

Among the myriad aspects of the Brotherhood the new generation would like to see changed is the rigidity of what they term "outdated" modes of discussion within the leadership.

Ayyash and reformer-blogger Abdel-Rahman Mansour, 21, argue that there needs to be much more openness within the organization in order for it to keep pace with Egyptian society which is demanding more transparency as a whole. They also say that all opposition groups need to work together to create real and viable political changes.

"More openness will create more ideas," Ayyash says, "and this has to be done openly so that all voices [within the Brotherhood] can have their say and not be turned away by the older leaders."

Mansour says he respects American traditions of freedom and hopes Egyptians will be able to learn from them. He believes that middle ground can be created that will allow for an Islamic party to come to power. But that power must be tempered within the confines of a strong constitution, he says, much like Turkey.

"I believe [that as a ruling party] the Brotherhood in Egypt could operate in a similar way to Turkey, where an Islamic party is in power, but is not implementing a conservative view of Sharia," he says.

"[Egypt] is not 100 percent Muslim and people have different ideas about what laws should be established. We cannot cause more people to get frustrated by [ourselves in] government, so I think a Turkish-style government would be a good idea."

Anani, the expert on the Muslim Brotherhood, thinks that Washington should seize the moment to reach out to the reformer-bloggers.

"The reformers and their belief in democratic ideals could be a precursor to changing the Islamic face of the Middle East," Anani says.

However, Dina Shehata, a political expert on Egypt's opposition parties, argues that U.S. influence has no place in internal Egyptian politics.

"I don't think this is the business of any American administration, young or old," Shehata says, "because this is a dynamic that must be determined internally, both within the Brotherhood and within Egyptian society."

She does concede, though, that the new Brotherhood generation does create an opportunity for new routes to be taken with Islamist organizations in the region, but that this must be done "with all young bloggers and activists" if it is going to have any affect.

Anani disagrees, arguing that it is an opportunity for the United States to change its perception of the Arab world and the bloggers offer a route that does not cozy up to Islamists.

"It is an opportunity for America to make inroads into an organization that has been stigmatized by Washington's foreign policy of late."

But Shehata and other observers in Egypt think that any reform movement within the Brotherhood is likely fizzle out and fail to achieve its goals.

Mansour and Ayyash and the dozens of other bloggers pushing for reforms say differently.

"We will succeed, because we have to if the Brotherhood is going to survive and move into the realm of honest political dialogue," Mansour says. "Egypt is ready for a change and so is the rest of the world; we are just pushing change along using our own means."


First of all , Happy Eid,

As a blogger from Muslim Brotherhood and I was mentioned by name in this essay , I feel that I'm involved in something more than my ability !

Joseph .. the American journalist who has been in Egypt for the last three years said that We are as MB bloggers are the hope of America in ME .

Without doubt this means that all of us are hands of America in Egypt and Middle East, and that's a big mistake . we are blogging because of Reform and Democracy. When we feel that our blogging will make the opposite result , I think that stop blogging will be the right decision !

I'm talking about what Ms Dina Shehata mentioned in this article ," she argues that U.S. influence has no place in internal Egyptian politics."

Personally , I don't have any problem with our (AbdulRahman Mansour, Mostafa Alnaggar and me ) talking . My whole problem is with the context of speech , Joseph make me feel such a guilty person that is setting in opposition with MB, and this is not true .

In addition of that , I think that Mr.Khalil's vision is right to some extent, specially when he talked about the"Conservative" Majority and the "Reformer" minority, and the Uphill mission that reformers face and will face within their "struggle" to express their view points among MB.

I expect that MB members won't accept this article's message , most of them will see this article as a message to the United States :" You have a loyal followers here" . On the other hand , NDP's government and the regime in Egypt will consider our speech as some kind of Flatter to the U.S. and this may affect negatively on the originally-strained relations between MB and the Egyptian Regime.

Finally , I hope that we can make a difference within MB, and we will :)

I don't like rad Pitt very much , but Tom Hanks is the MAN :D:D:D

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posted by AbdElRaHmaN Ayyash @ 10:40 AM  
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