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Monday, February 18, 2008
Egyptian History X
Ramsey Clark .. the former US attorney general in press conference after preventing from attending Military trial ( Autumn 2007)

The Egyptian regime is still dealing with Opponents , and Muslim Brotherhood - as they are the top of Opponents in Egypt- with it's natural stupidity .
The Regime is still decorating facts , still arresting people without any legal titles, still hold military trials for reformists, and this all continue with blessing of the international system and especially United states.
Muslim Brotherhood as an opponents group get it's legitimacy from the Egyptian people, and legally banned, has no weapon to defend itself but it's right and actual land in Egyptian streat.
Unfortunately, we found the essential power in world today - US - support this unjust regime , not only that but also justifies this regime's crimes .
We have nothing to do but call for justice, MB invited great names in Human Rights organizations and Civil society foundations in free world states.
Ramsey Clark, Mahdi Bray, Cindy Sheehan and Violette Daguerre .. names in the series of activists who came to Egypt to watch Military tribunals for Muslim Brotherhood , those all agreed with the just cause of MB and Egyptian Opponents in general .
During the trial, which lasted nearly a year, Brotherhood continued struggling for their cause, and regime continued arresting members of MB and close their private firms , United Sates administration watched all of these Human rights violations .. did they pressure regime to stop it ?!! .. they didn't .. so far
I'm a young Egyptian citizen , Speak the words of thousands in Egypt ... speak to Human Rights activists and American Administration
The Egyptian Regime close the only way to be a moderate Muslim, The Regime Push us to be extremists, we don't know how to deal with this corrupted regime .. you are calling for democracy, justice and freedom .. we are waiting for an actual moves to free opponents , I'm afraid from being detained because of my words.
Finally, what I wanna say in a few words : Save yourself by saving Muslims from extremism , this extremism will be a fact very soon, I don't talk about some extremists in Afghanistan or Pakistan .. I'm talking about the extremist peoples , I'm talking about the extremist generation, save us, save yourself and free Muslim Brotherhood.

I hope to deliver my voice to those who can do something for the next generation, they are the only hope .. the last resort.

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My Name Is : AbdElRaHmaN Ayyash
I'm From : cairo, Egypt
And : I am just a guy, that wanna see his home "Egypt" in a great position in the civilized world , wanna talk to the other views' believers to hear from them and to make them listen to me , I'll try to show good model of a young Egyptian Muslim guy , who is believing in Islam as the only solution to all problems we face...... أنا مجرد شاب ، عاوز اشوف بلدي مصر ، في أحسن مكان وسط العالم المتحضر ، عاوز اتكلم مع أصحاب الرؤى المختلفة ، و عاوز اسمع منهم ، و عاوز اعمل من نفسي مثال كويس لشاب مصري ، مؤمن ان الاسلام هو الحل لكل مشاكلنا .