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Friday, October 5, 2007
in the name of Allah

My name is "AbdelRahman" ,
My Friends call me "Boudi", "Ayyash", or "Abdo"
I'm just human
I wanna to be treated on the base that gathering us all .. HUMANITY
for those who wanna to know every thing
I'm Egyptian
Member og Muslim Brotherhood organization
Iam studying communication Engineering
In this blog I'll try to express my self as an Egyptian guy , that wanna to show his pain and joy, suffering and happiness , hate and love ... etc.
generally ,
I will try to open a gate of dialogue between me - as a moderate islamist egyptian blogger - and non-arabic readers.
let us talk.


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My Name Is : AbdElRaHmaN Ayyash
I'm From : cairo, Egypt
And : I am just a guy, that wanna see his home "Egypt" in a great position in the civilized world , wanna talk to the other views' believers to hear from them and to make them listen to me , I'll try to show good model of a young Egyptian Muslim guy , who is believing in Islam as the only solution to all problems we face...... أنا مجرد شاب ، عاوز اشوف بلدي مصر ، في أحسن مكان وسط العالم المتحضر ، عاوز اتكلم مع أصحاب الرؤى المختلفة ، و عاوز اسمع منهم ، و عاوز اعمل من نفسي مثال كويس لشاب مصري ، مؤمن ان الاسلام هو الحل لكل مشاكلنا .